September 23, 2008

Teenagers = Crazy.. Period!

Whoo Lawd.. you ever had your patience tested to the nth degree?? My daughter is a walking set of flippy floppy emotions.. it's like watching a tennis match somedays. This morning I swear it took all the strength I have in my body to not yell "Oh come the eff ON!! Are you serious??" Here's a prime example why all parents should just put all teenagers on a remote island until age 19.. then they can come back and join society as "normal" people and not the brain damaged emotional creatures they are now.
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She woke up this morning and began her day with cereal (I buy that good stuff N0days0ff.. Cocoa Puffs BABY!) and then she gets dressed.. somewhere in the midst of coming up the stairs her mood switches from "I'm cool" to "Insane crazy teenager"

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Today's dilemna.. the PE coach wants her to get in the pool first thing in the morning.. now most of you probably are siding with her at this point because of the "black girl" hair issue.. and for the yt folks - she would come out of the pool like this:
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So yeah I understand this, but the attitude doesn't stop there.. oh no.. that would be too much like right! She then has beat box air blowing fit with her books.. you know the "spshhhh" and "argghhh" and "maaaaaaan" but she's very careful to not look at anyone for fear of a quick backhanded round off cross her bottom lip. Now a new dilemna surfaces.. not only does she not want to get in the pool, but she doesn't want to take a shower in the gym because they can see her...and throughout it all I'm just sitting there looking at her like she is officially 51/50
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I mean.. if you already have to get in the pool.. you're wet.. why is taking a shower with all girls in there such a big deal? They have the same thing you do. But all this does is bring tears.. because now I'm an insensitive mother.. which brings me back to my original point.. "Oh come the eff ON!! Are you serious?"
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TERENCE said...

That`s the typical life of a teenager. Times have really changed from back during the time we were growing up. I think life was much simplier then.

Incidentally, the way you feel about teenagers is the way I feel about the politicians in Washington and the Lobbyists. Wish we could round them all up and put them on a remote Island, i.e. like Gilligan and crew.

n0days0ff said...

Putting teenagers on an island is probably their fantasy.

I'm mad she aint appreciate her cocoa can bring them here.

Icant lie I didn't like the idea of taking a shower in school either.I didn't wanna make anybody jealous :)

Sane said... her defense, the whole shower thing, even though i'm 30, i remember it well, bein' in highschool takin' gym and believe me when I tell you, every school has young dykes who have a problem with lookin' at you incorrectly IF and WHEN you take a shower.

Unless you want your "straight" daughter gettin' into a fight, I wouldn't really trip over it none, 'cause she jus' might be uncomfortable because of the "gay factor" if you catch my drift.

Raider_wifee said...

@ Terence.. well I need her "typical" ass to stop being so damn extra! LOL!

@ N0days0ff.. oh truss she appreciate them Cocoa Puffs.. I took her into the store and showed her the generic kind and she turned up her nose.. *smh* She don't know if this recession keep going she going to have to swallow those generic mofo's with the nose up in the air.. hmm mmm good! LOL

@ Sane.. You know I didn't even think of it like that.. see this why I love my blog fam! Good looking out!

leave it be said...!thank