January 27, 2009

It's a Wrap!!

*Opens the door singing New Edition's Is this the End*

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Well blog fam.. I've finally come to a very well thought out decision and it is my sadness to report to you that this blog will be closed after this post.. Sorry, but I've tried to keep it up as much as possible and anyone who blogs knows that this is not easy. I appreciate all of my followers and hope you're not disappointed too much..

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Oh puhleeze.. I ain't done blogging - I'm just closing this site so that I can blog full time at WatchYourSetup.com where I have guest blogged for a few months. I'll still update you guys on my teenager and everything else in between... so don't cry.. dry your eye and meet me over at WYSU...

And if you haven't already... sign up at Blogadelphia.net and come hang with the coolest bunch of bloggers and blog readers this side of Mars!

January 23, 2009

My Little Debo

So things have been going well with me and my daughter.. she's been opening up and asking me for things and we're really getting along well. Most recently we had a little incident with my cell phone that I just had to share with my blog family...

Last weekend I'm sitting in the Blogadelphia chat room (hence the reason why my lazy behind ain't posted in a min - but I digress...) So as I'm sitting there chopping it up, my cell phone rings.. it's a blocked number and normally I don't answer these, but something told me.. hell it's the weekend if a bill collector is calling today they might get cursed out...

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So I answer my phone and I hear an angelic voice on the other end.. the little girl asks for my daughter (the teenager) and I politely let her know "Sweetie she's not here.. she's with her dad this weekend, but I'll be sure to let her know you called..."

Then it happened...

The gutter butt trollup began to speak in a language I know I've heard before.. she says "You tell that hoe (did she just call my child a hoe???) that I said she need to leave my man alone or she is gonna get f*cked up come Tuesday.....

(yeah I know ya'll all speechless.. so was I for about 2.2 seconds..)

Then I told the little pissy tailed heffa "Do you know who the F*CK you talking tooo? This is her MOTHER!!"

Lil milk behind the ears trick proceeds to tell me "I don't give a f*ck who you are..."

So as I curse her out and hang up the little heffa calls back again and again.. each time I'm seod'ing my phone and dialing my daughter. After I get the lowdown from her (she can't believe somebody just lost the muhfuggin minds on the phone with her mama) I tell her I think I know who it is... none of her friends have my celly number, but I recall a day when I thought I was dialing her cousin and misdialed to another lil heffa...

So my daughter and I put two and two together and Tuesday finally arrives... my daughter stares old girl in the face the whole day when normally she speaks to my child... (looking suspect...) and never says a word... My daughter figures if it's gonna be some funk she would act, but since old girl ain't talking she feels the guilty pattern...

Hence the entire reason for this post (had to give you some background on it)

Yesterday I get a call from the lil gal and she is profusely apologizing on my voice mail. Saying it wasn't her and she would never ever do something like that... uh huh

So I save the voicemail for my daughter to hear when she gets home.. But if I tell you my daughter was standing there next to the heffa the whole time like she De Bo'ing that girl..

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*so dead and buried... rides to heaven squeakin on a lil tricycle*

January 13, 2009

**UPDATE** Bart officer FINALLY arrested!

Well today after several violent and peaceful protests the officer who was seen nationwide killing a young man who was face down and "appearing" to cooperate with authorites was all caught on video tape.. they have FINALLY *channels Mahalia Jackson* arrested the officer in... wait for it... WAIT FOR IT....

NEVADA?? *channels Dexter*

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WTF????? WTH???? You done let this man have unlimited time with his newborn (born Jan 2) never be interviewed.. hide behind his lawyer... quit his job and never see jailtime till NOW.. this ia a travesty people.. but it doesn't call for the destruction of our property or others.. this is the time to mobilize thinkers, doers and motivators...

Somebody give me a belt for Ashford & Simpsons Old Behinds!!

Okay so as I'm getting in the shower this morning.. I follow my usual routine of turning on the radio so I can hear the morning's gossip and news.. Well I'll be damned if this didn't come on my radio and I damn near passed out in the shower.. *code 10* Man down situation - check it out fam!

January 9, 2009


So I know my blog family has been wondering how life has been going with the teenager.. well I've been really hesitant to even discuss it here, but then I thought about it.. this is where I can place my thoughts and ideas.. soooo here goes - hopefully this will help some other parent out there...

A few weeks prior to the holidays I began snooping in her diary again and found some devastating news about my one and only child. She had been depressed about a boy she cared for and from her illegible handwriting I deduced some very disturbing facts about my very own child. She had begun cutting herself in privacy.. now this is serious.. in need of counseling and probably medication, but what hurt me most is knowing I provide her with as much love as my heart can hold.. every morning she can't leave my sight without a hug and a kiss (Thanks Kevin Brown @ KBLX who kindly reminds me every morning to hug and kiss my baby so they'll have a better day and so will I)

But I constantly have conversations with her and "school" her on these types of things so I'm utterly confused as to how this all happened. I finally figured out that I had to back off a little and let her become the young woman she's trying to be... and my fear of boys had to stop. So without letting her know that I read the diary, but still keeping a close eye on her and increasing our communication I think we have a better more honest relationship. The boyfriend's name is Lucious... *stop laughing.. yeah I said loooocious* and I couldn't wait to meet him so that we could all have a sit down conversation about my expectations of their relationship. I wanted to be the caring mom to take them to the movies and pick them up and so on... but before I could even get to that point Mr Looo ended the relationship with my baby leaving her even more heart broken - but no cutting anymore.. which is a good thing!

I say all of this to basically say it was time to loosen the reigns on my baby a lil and let her breathe and enjoy being a teenager. I don't want her to sneak and freak and end up being a pregnant teenager.. she's been opening up to me alot more lately and I had to take the first step. It was a hard step to take too.. especially knowing that I had the same upbringing.. hell I couldn't even breathe next to a boy when I was a senior in high school.. yeah Pops was tough and he meant business.. so I thought I was protecting her when in a way I was doing more harm.

I can finally get all this off my chest especially now that things have taken a turn for the better. Her circumstances aren't so different from any other normal teenager and so I've decided to forego the counseling and just keep the honest lines of communication open.. stay tuned and I'll tell you how I got her to open up!

January 7, 2009


Update to the last story posted regarding the New Years Eve Bart shooting... the officer resigned via his lawyer at 11 am pst today (punk ass pussay move.. yeah I said it...) and he cannot be interviewed* by Bart officials. *put your black fist afro pick down.. it's gets better*

After the funeral which was held today in Hayward, Ca.. the members of the family became upset and were calmed by the elder voices of the family... thennnn after 3 pm pst today there was a protest held at the Fruitvale bart station in which the incident occured where over 500 protesters shut down the bart station...

This is real ya'll.. all of this is happening while I sit in the comfiness of my home just blocks from the incident.. literally!

This just in.. violence erupts at the protest and cars are set afire... I'm not kidding you folks.. THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELE.... uhhh well maybe just a lil...

KTVU unedited video of Oakland Riot

I'm baaaaaack!

Well it's been along time.. and now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, I have some time to spend on my blog. Sorry to all those regular readers who've missed my commentary, but most of you know that I've been cheating on my blog.. uh huh.. found a new "Mr" in the name of Blogadelphia.net. It's been taking my time and filling my desires for human interaction - so my apologies to all that I've disappeared on without a word...

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Now.. on to official bidness... I must discuss the most recent tragedy that occured here in the Bay Area on New Years Day. The story is so disturbing that I had to pass this story on to the rest of the world...

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Authorities continue to investigate the early Thursday morning officer-involved shooting at the Fruitvale BART station that left an unarmed man dead as questions concerning whether he was restrained during the fatal incident surface.

BART police were called to respond to a fight between two groups of men onboard a train traveling from San Francisco to the East Bay, spokesman Jim Allison said Thursday afternoon during a news conference at BART headquarters in Oakland.

Five officers had gathered at the Fruitvale BART Station platform when the train arrived shortly after 2 a.m., Allison said. Officers worked to separate the men, who were dispersed inside the train and outside on the platform, according to Allison. BART police did not say how many people were involved in the fight or what spurred the confrontation.

At some point during the effort to bring the men under control, a BART police officer's gun fired one bullet, hitting 22-year-old Oscar Grant, according to Allison.


Now this was New Years.. so there were plenty of people on the train as it passed by this event... and alot of people have camera phones these days... this is raw graphic footage of the actual event..

Bart Shooting

Since I couldn't actually place the video on this post.. you'll have to check out the link above. Here's the kicker though... the man that was shot was unarmed... handcuffed and shot in the back while he was face down on the ground.. don't believe me? Check the video...

The most disturbing of all these events is that the officer who is accused of shooting the young man has YET to be interviewed and his attorney is refusing any contact with his "client"

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WELL I'LL BE A MONKEY'S UNCLE.. WTF??? Now ya'll know had that been Junior or Squeaky who had just shot an unarmed man - they would be up UNDER the jail by now... awaiting appeals and all...

We cannot start 2009 off on the wrong note people.. this is just too much.. really....