October 29, 2008

Where are my blood pressure meds?

Lawd I tell you my blood pressure has just raised 40 points fooling with my teenager. Why is it teenagers have brain damage?? Somebody please answer the question for me because I fail to understand why I received ANOTHER call from one of my daughter's teachers about her behavior in class?

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It's not enough that she's already had the cell phone, tv, house phone and computer taken away from her, but she just had to take it further and play with someone else's cell phone in class.. I mean didn't I just whoop her ass day before yesterday for acting out in class?? So she ain't learned a dayum thing I see. But wait ya'll that's not all she's been up too.. hmmm mmm no ma'am. Since I have possession of the cell phone it prompted me to take a look at her phone from the messages to the pics.. and well let's just say this heffa ain't slick.

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She told me that she never has her cellphone out in class, but I'll be damned if there weren't pics in her phone of her third period classmates posing in science class..

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But the kicker was the upteen messages in her inbox that she didn't delete from a boy that made me blush as an adult. The messages were filthy and disgusting and even though it was one of those chain text messages, I wouldn't forward that mess to my dog let alone another human being. Now I'm ready to take the kid gloves off and send her ass right to the doctor for a routine kitty box inspection.. I don't have time to be caring for no teenager's baby! And what do I look like being a grandmother at age 37? I'd rather let pirranahas eat my eyeball meat.. shooot I refuse to support a teenage hard headed mother...

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This girl must think I've lost my mind.. either that or she thinks I'm not serious about beating her every day until she understands I'm NOT PLAYING! Either way my right arm is going to get a workout again...

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