October 7, 2008

VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2008

Well it finally aired last night and I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. The groups honored were Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty by Nature, Slick Rick and Too Short. This list worried me at first, because for the life of me (maybe it was the green bud's fault) but I couldn't remember most of the hits from these groups except De La & Too Short.. but last night brought it all back rushing through my veins like good dope.. yeah I'm an addict for my old school hip hop. Here's my recap:

Tracy Morgan hosted the show and I'll be damned if that chile just didn't hop on the No. 42 bus and ride it all the way to the awards show... boy stoooop! His opening routine was cute and clever.. now get on to the show!

The show started off with a tribute to Cypress Hill who are still performing under another group name so as to grow with the music and not be suspended so to speak on the 80's. Fat Joe started the tribute with his rendition of "The real one" and then Jim Jones came out performing "I ain't going out like that" or something of that nature (I really don't remember this song...) Now Gym Class Heroes are coming out.. oh ish.. that's my jam! Insane in the Membrane was my hook! And I like how the lead singer had that same nasely tone like B. Real... me likey! Now Cypress is taking the stage and what are they going to perform... awwww snap!! "How I could just kill a man" Oh that whole song was the lick back in the day! Awww suki.. now they are playing "So you want to be a Rap Superstar" Oh my that is hitting hard.. my speakers are about to buss... me likey!!

Next up De La Soul.. now these are my peeps.. yup I was a hippie hip hopper! This album right chur? Maan.. I used to play it till my tape popped! For real though.. this whole album was the theme to my life back in the day. Is that Estelle performing "It's Saturday".. hmm nice.. next! Qtip!!! Whew.. now that's more like it... I'm mad at that fisherman/hunting/hot as hell hat he got on his head.. but I digress... Mos Def and Flavoooor Flaaav! They are performing.. oh wait.. is that Chuck Deezy? Aww now I got to take a break and get my cabbage patch on... okay now that's out of my system - Cee Lo is performing "Pot Holes in my Lawn" classic banger... Okay just kill me now... is that ERIC AND PARISH MAKING DOLLARS?? Be still my beating heart would ya? Now we got Michael Rappaport talking about he named his son Maseo.. ooh I'm mad at him for that one! De La is finally performing "Me, Myself and I" no need to explain this one.. I wonder when they gonna sing "Buddy".. ooh spoke too soon!

Next up Rick the Ruler.. MC Rickey D.. or otherwise known as Slick Rick.. now this is some classic ish if you ask me. He held the art of storytelling down to a science. Today's rappers couldn't compete with his gift to tell a story and have it resonate in your mind as if you had actually been there. I'm mad Tracy Morgan is talking about Dave the Dopefiend like he's a real person.. LOL - ooh I just want to fight him sometimes.. but back to the show... I'm so glad to see Mc Lyte come out and support her boy.. this was my jam "So relax ya mind and folks unwind.. " Awww Jimmy Jam.. is that Busta Bus with an eye patch?? LOL! Classic! "Then she turned around like she was Tony the tiger.." That's another classic banger for me. Why in the free press hell is Vinnie from Naughty by Nature on stage.. man just wait your turn dawg! Ghostface and Biz Markie are now performing La Di Da Di.. no need to embellish here. Is that Fabulous? Mkay.. lack luster performance of "Hey young world".. not impressed. Wow Eve looks ghostly.. or ghastly - whichever she looks about 10 shades lighter in the face than her dayum neck.. I'm going to need her to get a new makeup person fa sho!
Oh shizsnap!! They are doing a surprise tribute to Isaac Hayes and all the songs they stole sampled from him.. I'm just going to let you view the video on this one.. just too much to even discuss with that one!

Next up Too Shizzle my nizzle:

Now as most of you know I reside in Oakland, CA - East O to be exact - the home of Too Short where before he ever made it big was selling tapes out the back of his cadillac for profit. He's a legend in these parts and should be rightfully recognized. First up to perform.. Kid Rock (where is my pic of Ice Cube saying eh? when you need it) and he's doing my old school joint "Life is Too Short" How in da hell they get Kid Rock?? And why is he on my tv screen rapping Too Short lyrics? I just want to strangle him with that satin A's jacket! Lawd.. just take me now!! Lil John and his crunk juice are getting booties shaking with "Shake that monkey" Woo saw.. wait... is that Bun B??!!! Oh thank you rap gods... you have answered my prayers! He's performing "Blow the Whistle" Why is Short sitting there looking hella mad like he'd rather be pimp slapping a bish or something? I'm hella mad that Kid Rock attributed Too Short to his ability to perform.. YOU.NEED.MORE.LESSONS. Now it's Short's turn to perform... and WHAT? Scarface?? Oooh me likey!! "The Ghetto" is an all around jam.. no matter what ghetto you from.. even if you've never been to the ghetto.. cause I try to stay out the ghetto.. LOL - okay so I just ran with that one! Too Short's freestyling... okie dokie just as long as you end the song with BIATCH! LOL!

Last but definitely not least was Naughty by Nature.. "You down with OPP?" Yeah they knew me too.. this group was hell bent on making more than just music, but an anthem that people still chant to this day. First up to bat Wyclef.. ain't that his own song? BWHAAHAA! That nucca can't even sing a Naughty song without making it rastafari! LOL Okay I officially hate Juelz Santana.. he don't just need more people.. he needs those people to carry chairs for him so he can SAT.DOWN! Big Boi is doing OPP - niiiiiice! But I HATE those yellow shoes that don't match a dayum thing! Looking like he just stepped on a hive of bumble bees.. *smh* Now they are performing "Uptown Anthem" that was my JOINT! Ooh shizam.. that's "Hip Hop Hooray" blowing out my speakers.. okay the party is official!!
All in all I give this show an A- .. simply because Kid Rock should have never performed LOL!


A. Red said...

Great recap Wifee! I will have to catch it because I missed it. I'm really looking forward to Too Short and Naughty. I use to sneak and listen to Too Short growing up. Raunchy lyrics have always been a secret thing of mine. lol The more ignant the better!

Sane said...

Oh goodness! I SO missed the show! But see, I have a proper alibi, see Prison Break and Heroes was on that those 2 sew up my Mondays but I sore that I missed the Hip Hop Honors. I'm so glad you did this recap, I now felt like I watched it! :)

Funny part is, I was just about to up load "rap superstar" on my page too!!! I'll still do it!

Raider_wifee said...

Okay you two are fired! LOL - how could you miss the Honors? Maaan I tivo'd and watched it at the same time!

Make sure you catch the rerun of it.. or go to VH1 and watch the entire show.. even Tracy Morgans skits.. that boy ain't got a lick of sense!

Raider_wifee said...

Ooops.. that was supposed to say VH1.com to catch the entire show.

n0days0ff said...

I was gonna watch it until you said jim jones and juelz santana.what do those have to do with hip hop?