October 16, 2008

Chocolate News

Okay so I'm at home one night and I'm a tv junkie (I need my fix erry night) so as I'm flipping through the channels a premiere comes up on Comedy Central for a new comedy starring David Allan Grier..

yeah this fool from "In Living Color" on the right... (your right)


So entywhoo.. I say to self "Self.. we are gonna have to catch the first episode of this here comedy..."

I present you exhibit A: (I'll wait)

Hmm Mmm.. so now that you've caught the gist of this well made tirade.. please feel free to enjoy some more of the first night's premiere of "Chocolate News"

*camera rolling*

Oh I ain't done witchu yet... just hush up and sit down cause you know you wanna watch it!

Tis all.. catch the next episode 10/22


Eb the Celeb said...

Its getting really good reviews... I'm gonna have to check it out

Raider_wifee said...

Please do.. this Wed set your tivo!

grey goose said...

I wasnt goning to watch this, but i read this post at watch yourset up. Its a funny show and I wouldn't have known it. Thanks