October 22, 2008

Hope vs Wish

I thought about this topic last night as I drove home and wanted to share my opinion on this subject. I have coworkers and friends that are yt and I really believe that they have a different view on hope vs wish than black folks.

Here let me explain.. as a famous comedian spelled it out.. Yt folks hope while black folks wish.. example number 1:

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yt person: I hope no one's in my seat when I arrive...

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black person: I wish a mofo would be sitting in my seat when I get there...

I say all of that to say that more yt folks really need to adopt our way of thinking. They need to stop hoping on a star (or whatever it is they do) and start getting gangsta with it!

A friend of mine (yt) was having problems with another friend in the fact that her daughter was being accused of sleeping with somebodies man (which of course wasn't true) so the "other" friend insisted on giving my patna a hard time. She would call and argue and swear up and down that my friend's daughter (who's of age to be doing the hokey pokey) was sleeping with so and so's man.. well during a lunch break she divulged all of this and was really worried about whether or not the girl was going to continue to blow up her phone with this nonsense...

*in unison - all the black folks say*


(whoo feel better now?) I know I do..

First off.. if my grown ass daughter is doing the huck a buck with anybody - that's her business.. and it only becomes my business when I'm told about it.. and I wish a mofo would try and call me with some mess like that in the first place. People.. people.. people... drama like this can all be avoided by keeping your hope and wish list separate..

Hope List:
I hope I can get out of work early

I hope I get a good scratch off and win the lottery

Wish List:
I wish a mofo ask me to work late today..

I wish a mofo would ask me for spare change.. how bout you get a spare job ole broke azz!

So yt folks.. I'm trying to give you a little insight and direction in which to react to certain situations.. USE IT!

Tis all for now..

Funny Pics / Bob Ross


JT said...

Very informative post. Very. Excellent job.

Raider_wifee said...

ROFL.. as if you didn't already know this JT! *smh*

C. said...

I needs to get me a wish list.

*pulls out pen and paper to take notes*

MissOMyGoodnezz said...

oooh, i already have my wish list..i have a hope list too tho..

for instance:
i hope a nucca gets in my face to day...i just been itching to snatch somebody's wig back lol

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

Damn Skippy. I walk and ride "wishing" a mofo would make my day!!! lol

n0days0ff said...

I wish I was a little bit taller ,I wish I was a baller.... Oops sorry I got the post all wrong

Raider_wifee said...

Sister and bretheren.. let's all send a prayer for N0days0ff that he gain some sense... tis all Lawd

*passes around collection plate*

A. Red said...

I wish this mofo @ work WOULD ask me to do something not in my job criteria again!

Great post girlie!