October 9, 2008

Memories.. of the way we were...

So I'm sitting there yesterday staring at my blog and I couldn't remember nothing good to talk about, until I went home and the thoughts started rolling in.. memories to be more exact. I can recall 14 years of parenting and I thought I would share some with ya'll..

I can remember sending my daughter to preschool back in the day when I worked for WMAC (Waste Management of Alameda County) and this is not the kind of job where you can receive personal calls.. naw they wasn't bout that mess - not a bit! So I'm sitting there doing my job when all of a sudden I get a call on my celly cell.. wait is that my baby's school (first thought - Ah Lawd... somebody done hit my baby - time to turn into Super Nucca Mama) and I hear the teacher on the other end saying "Ms Wifee.. we've got a problem and I need to speak to you about it" So I'm curious thinking I'm going to have to rush to the hospital or something.. Jesus give me strength. As she begins to explain the reason for the call - I swear this was my facial expression throughout the whole call...

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So she starts to say that she's been having an issue with my daughter and she needs my help. Then as sure as I'm black the lady commences to tell me that my daughter refuses to take a nap..

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So I'm thinking.. maybe I need to investigate this a little further.. I know that lady didn't just say that.. so I ask her "Well is she disturbing the other children?" (and this is where this ish gets hilarious) She says "No, she just lays on her cot with her eyes open, quiet but she refuses to sleep"

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So you just wasted not only my time, but you've also wasted your own time with this foolishness. Hell I could have had a V8. If the child is quiet and ain't disturbing nobody - why do you feel the need to channel Hitler with this phone call?
The reason this whole memory came to mind was because two weeks ago I saw that very teacher in the grocery store and she asked me how my daughter was doing..
Me: "Well she still sleeps with her eyes open, but she's fine..."

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n0days0ff said...

The lord aint in you wifee.lol lying to that lady like that. I think that lady got too much time on her hands if she wanna call you and say your daughter left half a carrot on her plate

leave it be said...

this is priceless! when my son was a baby, his daycare called me...(at MY daycare job) to tell me,my son wont drink his bottle,after eating an entire bowl of food. wtf?...burp him and let him sleep, da*m! lol

Sane said...

ahahhhaha!!! @ "she still sleeps with her eyes open"

i dread the day my son as to go to a REAL preschool other than a baby sitter.