October 20, 2008

Oh so you just lost your mind eh?

But its a monday, my day,
So just let me hit it, yo
And dont mistake my statement for a clown
We can keep in the down low long as you know
That I get around.

Okay that song had been stuck in my head forever this morning and I just had to let it out! Big shout out to N0days0ff and his hoarding behind.. hmm mm..

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Now I got all yo gifs fool whaa? Now on to today's blog.

So I've been stuck on this memory kick lately and it seems to be working so let me continue with yet another mystical memory of parenthood. I can remember it like it was yesterday.. my daughter was in elementary school in the 4th grade. The teacher was out ill for a considerable amount of time so the school thought it would be best to bring in a "permanent" substitute teacher for the remainder of the year. Now my daughter got along very well with the previous teacher and so I figured the change wouldn't be too much of an upset for her, but I never expected her to react like she did...

I'll never forget the call from the "permanent" teacher regarding my daughter's behavior as I sat at work. She stated that my daughter had a report due in school that day and she had given the kids at least a month to prepare...

Funny Pics / Frank O RLY?

Well my daughter didn't mention to me anything about a paper, nor did she ask for help.. and wait a minute am I paying $50 a month for internet access too? And she got a printer and all? Wait a minute.. so she's had a whole month to do absolutely nothing??

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But wait.. it's gets better...

So the teacher asks me if I have some time to come down and discuss because when she asked my daughter why she didn't have her assignment her response was "I didn't feel like it" and then the teacher said "Well we're just going to have to call your mother" and my daughter's response was "Go ahead.. call my momma..."

Funny Pics / Samuel L Jackson


Did she just dare the teacher to call her 51/50 crazy as a cuckatoo azz momma and tell her some bs like that? Okay so as I'm doing light speed on the freeway, I think I knocked an old man down and swore I killed him, then I made my move to the school house building.. my daughter never saw it coming..

Funny Pics / stewie

Before she knew it.. I had snatched her lil behind out of the lunch line and whisked her around the corner and tow that azz up!! I think I beat her for every syllable the teacher said to me.. I beat her for things I didn't even know she did.. I beat her for the future.. I beat her.. took a cigarrette break and beat her again! That's right folks.. I advocate beating yo kids.. beat em before the police have to do it..

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OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Great story and made OH SO MUCH better by your new gifs.

Do you perform any azz whoopings with that belt pictured in your header? Just wondering!


Raider_wifee said...

ROFL.. nope my belt has leather spikes and metal chains.. when I whoop I'm tearing off skin to make sure she don't ever forget what she did wrong!

C. said...

I imagine there was Ashanti-like caterwauling of "Mama No"...

Oh and I got the blog setup too :)

C. said...

forgot the link hehe


Sane said...

lol!!!! perfect gifs for this story, r.dubb! *smirks @ Nodaysoff, wit' yo' secretive ass*

I especially love the Samuel L stare, lolololol!!!

Yo, I completely saw you take a cigerette break inbetween the beat down, that's gangsta! lol!!!

n0days0ff said...

LOL thats what you and dallas black been celebrating? I never even heard of no threadbomb.yall should thank me for making y'all step things up

n0days0ff said...

Wow she was really feeling herself huh? I had a moment like that where I thought I was tough. I failed four classes and when I got home I learned what tough was