November 18, 2008

Pay like you Weigh!

Hey folks!! I was sure that yesterday I was going to be able to sit down with my blog and just hash out a few posts, but with Mr Hubby taking the day off yesterday (just to bug the ish out of me) I wasn't able to concentrate and spend a few online. But never fear.. Wifee is here.. big shout out to Oneless holding it down with her post below. I didn't think I was going to be able to type after that bowling trip we took Saturday night... Lawd my arms, back, legs and shoulders hurt. We had a blasts, but it is getting too expensive to chill with grown folks.

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So other than bowling with the fam and friends - I've had a pretty interesting weekend to say the least. My daughter's father came and picked her up for the weekend.. something he used to do without fail when she was younger, but it seems as his interest in women change - so does his behavior and visitation patterns with my daughter. Here's a little history on this trick (and you'll understand why I call him a trick as we near the end of this story)

When I met my daughter's father, I was 21 and doing my own thing ya know? We hooked up in 1993 and a year later my baby was born. We weren't together for very long, and once our relationship ended we went back with our exes. Once my daughter was born - he married his ex. She wasn't much of a woman due to the fact we had several Maury/Jerry Springer type conversations and she was actually jealous of this precious baby because she hadn't yet spit out her own version of her mini-man. So I was never able to have the address to where he and the misses lived nor was I to have their home phone number... but I continued to let him be apart of her life.

About 8 years ago his ex wife attempted to kill him - literally and spent some time in jail which ended the marriage. He then moved on to his prize possession Mz Skrippa Hoe and stayed with her for about 6 years. While he was with the skrippa hoe he would make sure that his daughter was with him on Summer vacations, Xmas, Thanksgiving.. any holiday in which she was out of school she spent it with her dad... the reason being because skrippa didn't have a job.. not in 6 years.. not a one.. but she lived in the exes house and had a daughter of her own. Go figure...

When this relationship ended 4 years ago things went downhill.. the new girl was a chihuahua looking hoodrat, but that's besides the point.. she has grown kids and really doesn't push him to want to be a part of his daughter's life. Where he was spending every other weekend and vacations with her.. to now where he's spending maybe 3 1/2 weeks out of the year with her... But did I mention that this heffa don't have a job either?? So what I deduce from this is he is a trick.. paying for hoes to live... simple.

After the cell phone bill debacle in which he promised my daughter that he would pay the bill and renigged - I decided this is more than an opportune time to make you pay like you weigh... Monday we spent time in court to revise the current child support order which was established when she was a year old to a whopping sum of $212.00 a month... yeah I don't know anyone who can survive off that.. hell welfare recipients get more than that a month. I've never had the support order changed because I felt I didn't need to as long as he was spending time with his daughter.. but now he's asked for joint custody and visitation rights..

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I have faith that this latest stint which has now delayed my support order revision will in the end benefit my daughter to the tune of $850.00 a month... I feel like my daughter should be the number one female in line to get this trick's money. Dayum that mess make a bish feel like P. Diddy right now...


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Sane said...

Girl!!! You betta "whoop that trick!" lol. Nah, but I hope you clean his pockets on behalf of your daughter. Speaking of her, does she notice the visits incriments changing? And if so, how does she feel about it?

crys said...

TAG - or wait, i'm tagging you. you've been tagged. TAG TAG TAG TAG
you're it.

some blog shit my homegirl said i wouldn't do.......:-)

n0days0ff said...

That's messed up if he stays caking these chicks out and won't support his own daughter. Probably buying the other womans kids all kinds of teddy ruxpins and barbies I bet