November 12, 2008

Got Me Working Working Day & Night

"When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work ask him, 'Whose?' "
Don Marquis

Hey blogging fam and guests! I'm so sorry for leaving you without a fresh rhyme to step to.. uh yeah, but some of you may know that I've been working like a slave in two football fields of cotton with one hand tied behind my back and double dutching at the same time.. yeah like that!

I've had a few things on my mind I wanted to share. I know alot of you come here to read the funny stories about me and my teenage daughter and she's been doing great ever since the two ass whoopings I had to lay down on her candy ass...

Funny Pics / BODYSLAM

But more so she's talking to me more about things going on in her life. She's been without a cellphone for a few weeks now and had more time to study.. and I explained that once the punishment is over (next report card) that we would see how things will go... Other than that things are clear sailing... for now.

Next on the list for discussion is my 51/50 coworker who took off the last two months (why I've been working like a dog) and is set to return next week. My question is why I've seen her more while she's been out than if she was really here at work? I really want her to see my face everytime she comes up in here "to see how I'm doing" and realize that ish ain't cute!

Funny Pics / IDGAF!

Yeah.. I'm really fed up with having to do her work and mine.. and to top it off another coworker is out on a week's vacation.. guess who's left with the work? Yup... me! But back to this 51/50 bish..

Funny Pics / crazy

Why don't black people ever go out on a 51/50? Why cause we know we ain't gonna do ish to ourselves.. but we may eff up Becky at the job... and that leads to the jail cell not the padded one.

I know most of ya'll think I'm jealous, but that's not it.. If a person needs time off to care for themselves and to get their mind right - then I'm all for it, but she's been throwing parties, having a Vegas Vacation, drinking (read getting pissy drunk) and smoking all while I'm stuck behind these grey cubicle walls each and every day. The doctor diagnosed her with bipolar, manic depression and schizophrenia.. so don't some of those medicines interact badly with alcohol? I don't know.. I'm no doctor, but that don't sound right. Besides I don't wish no ill will on nobody, but I got money on how long it takes this heffa to either go out on another 51/50 or quit.... I'm taking all bets!

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A. Red said...

Well my ass have been crazy but ain't nobody trying to diagnose me or give me a work sabbatical! Man forget that, if she's not in the nearest insane asylum she could be at work...with her meds. And your office is outta order for not getting a temp while she worked her craziness out.