January 27, 2009

It's a Wrap!!

*Opens the door singing New Edition's Is this the End*

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Well blog fam.. I've finally come to a very well thought out decision and it is my sadness to report to you that this blog will be closed after this post.. Sorry, but I've tried to keep it up as much as possible and anyone who blogs knows that this is not easy. I appreciate all of my followers and hope you're not disappointed too much..

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Oh puhleeze.. I ain't done blogging - I'm just closing this site so that I can blog full time at WatchYourSetup.com where I have guest blogged for a few months. I'll still update you guys on my teenager and everything else in between... so don't cry.. dry your eye and meet me over at WYSU...

And if you haven't already... sign up at Blogadelphia.net and come hang with the coolest bunch of bloggers and blog readers this side of Mars!


A. Red said...

LET'S GET IT CRACKIN!!!!!!!!!!!! We're REALLY about to wreak havoc on the blogging world. *cracks knuckles*

A.Smith said...

I'm really just dying at this picture. HE got the snot bubble and er'thang else.

Yeah... see you at WYSU... and... blogadelphia when I get my effin' life together. :)

n0days0ff said...

Damn man *pours my 40 to your memory* seems like everyday another one of my bookmarks has to go.